Getting Involved in Motorsports: A Beginner's Guide

Top Tips When Buying A Motorcycle

Motorcycles are undoubtedly one of the most popular modes of transportation today. Below is an extract discussing the considerations to make when purchasing a motorcycle. 


Consider the following when choosing a motorcycle model: 

  • Aesthetics and appeal. You may be interested in a particular model since it looks good to the eye. For instance, you could be attracted to the bike's curves, lighting, sporty or fierce looks.
  • How do you intend to use the bike? Sports bikes are ideal for street racing. Dirt and dual-sport bikes can handle off-road terrain while touring bikes are suitable for long-distance rides.
  • Check the bike's horsepower and top speed if you are an adrenaline junkie. You would also be interested in how it handle's corners, braking and acceleration. 
  • Assess the bike's comfort. A high-quality suspension and a comfortable seat ensure that you do not tire as you ride the bike. 

Service and Maintenance

Check biking blogs or consult the manufacturer to determine the bike's service and maintenance costs. One of your concerns should be its fuel consumption and the size of the fuel tank. When buying an electric motorcycle, assess its battery size and range. You would also be concerned about the longevity of the bike parts. Besides, evaluate the availability and pricing of genuine OEM parts in your locality.  

New Versus Used

New bikes are expensive; however, they are less likely to break down or develop chronic problems. They come with manufacturer warranties and guarantees. Therefore, you will get free servicing and repairs for a specified period.

Ask for a pre-purchase inspection when buying a used bike. For instance, cold start the motorbike to identify low battery voltage and engine problems. Oil leaks indicate worn-out gaskets and oil seals. Check the functionality of the instrument cluster and electric components such as the lights and alternator. Test ride the bike to identify handling, braking, overheating and transmission issues. If possible, you should ask the manufacturer for a guarantee. 


Check E-commerce websites and contact local motorcycle dealers to determine the price of the bike. More often than not, new bikes will be competitively priced. As such, take advantage of customer incentive programs such as free insurance and shipping. Used bikes will have varying prices. Therefore, you should purchase a reasonably priced bike that is in excellent condition. 

When buying a motorcycle, choose an appropriate model, check the service and maintenance costs and decide whether to buy new or used. Take advantage of seller incentives when purchasing the bike. 

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