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4 Reasons to Choose an Electric Bike with an Internal Battery

Whether among mountain bikers looking for rugged performance or city-dwellers looking for a quicker commute, electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular. If you've started looking for one of your own, you've probably noticed that some feature internally installed batteries that are completely integrated into the frame while others use external batteries that are fitted to a bracket. As such, you might be wondering exactly which type of electric bike you should choose.

Well, internal and external batteries each have their own pros and cons, but most riders will find their needs are better answered by an internal battery. Here are just four reasons why.

1. Streamlined Appearance

External batteries can still look fine, especially when the manufacturer makes an effort to keep them inconspicuous. However, they are never going to match the appearance of integrated batteries. Since these are built into the frame, they make the bike look more streamlined and elegant. In fact, it won't even be immediately obvious that you're riding an electric bike when the battery is fully integrated.

2. Better Security

External batteries are much easier to remove than internal batteries. That can be an advantage since they are more convenient to replace, but it also means external batteries are much easier to steal. Since batteries are expensive parts, they make attractive targets for thieves. When you opt for an internal battery, this isn't something you're going to have to worry about. Someone will need to take the whole bike if they want the battery, and that's far harder than simply detaching and pocketing an external battery.

3. Superior Protection

When your electric bike's battery sits within the frame, it's protected against more than just criminals. Contaminants such as moisture, dust and dirt won't be a problem, and any small stones that are thrown up by your tyres aren't going to cause any damage. The battery will also be better protected if you and your bike ever take a tumble. As such, the risk of damage is greatly reduced. That makes internal batteries particularly good for electric mountain bikes since they are more likely to deal with such conditions.

4. More Accessories

Finally, it's worth considering that external batteries can make it harder to fit additional accessories to your electric bike. For example, it's often tough to mount a bottle cage in the front triangle since part of the frame is often already taken up by the external battery and its bracket. If you're the sort of rider who likes to add accessories, this might be something to think about.

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