Getting Involved in Motorsports: A Beginner's Guide

Motorcycle Buying Guide for First Time Owners

Motorbikes are a reliable means of city commuting since they are fuel-efficient and occupy minimal space on the road. Besides, they are the perfect machine for adventurers, motocross enthusiasts and speed junkies who enjoy the thrill and excitement associated with riding bikes. When buying your first bike, such as a Honda motorcycle, you will be confronted with different makes and models. As such, you could be overwhelmed when deciding which bike to buy. However, this should not be your case if you read these motorcycle buying tips. 

Examine Your Eligibility

Road safety is paramount in Australia. As such, if you do not have a motorcycle licence, you are only allowed to ride specific bikes. The Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) details the bikes that learners can ride. Commonly referred to as LAMS bikes, these are motorcycles with less than 660cc. If you are a learner, check your territory's website to determine the LAMS-approved bike models. 

Bike Model

Experienced riders have thousands of models to choose from. Narrow your choices by settling on one or two manufacturers. Then decide the type of bike you need. For instance, you could need a vintage, sports, cruiser, dirt, dual-purpose or touring bike. This way, you only have a few models to choose from. Whether you will be buying a new or used bike, you must conduct thorough assessments to determine the motorcycle's durability. Customer reviews, biking blogs and forums give insights into the bike's performance, the problems it could develop, the ease of repair and the availability of parts in your area. 

Bike Engine

First-time motorcycle owners will often shun bikes with a low engine rating. However, these bikes have considerable power since they are light. The easiest way to determine a suitable engine capacity is to consult your local dealer or bike enthusiasts. Furthermore, you could test ride several motorcycles. You could also examine the bike's performance by checking its pick-up and top speed and whether it has accessories such as a turbocharger or supercharger. 

Bike Transmission

Motorbikes come with automatic, semi-automatic and manual transmissions. A motorcycle with an automatic transmission does not have a clutch lever. Once you engage the gear level to drive position, the bike switches gear depending on your acceleration and riding conditions. Automatic bikes allow you to concentrate on your riding without the distraction of changing gears. 

Semi-automatic bikes have a gear lever but do not have a clutch. If you do not switch the gears, the bike goes into automatic mode. They are perfect for people who want a manual bike without the hassles of engaging the clutch. Manual motorcycles are suited for enthusiasts who yearn for the thrill and experience of riding a bike. Once you get used to the gear-changing mechanism, you cannot get enough of a manual bike.