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Electric Bicycles: 4 Safety Tips

Electric bicycles (e-bikes) are really becoming popular. Many people are drawn to the idea that they can get out and about on two wheels without the need to constantly pedal. The electric bicycle is a great way to make cycling more accessible to people of all ages and abilities. However, it is important that basic safety measures are taken when riding an e-bike in traffic. Read on to discover 4 safety tips.

Fit a Speedometer Light

Electric bicycles are really fast. It's very easy to get carried away and lose track of how quickly you are travelling. To help you monitor your speed, it is important that you can see your current speed clearly. In the day time, it is relatively easy to read a speedometer. However, if you are riding at night, for example, it is advised that you fit some kind of illumination. It could be as simple as a small handlebar-mounted light.

Fit a Bell or a Horn

E-bikes are very quiet, and If you are riding an electric bicycle in a built-up area, it can seem to be completely silent. This means that pedestrians may not know that you are approaching. It is always a good idea to fit a bell or horn. This will help to let people know you are coming, especially when they may not hear you approaching. 

Wear Bright Clothing

When riding an e-bike, you need to ensure that other road users can see you. One of the best ways to do this is to wear fluorescent or brightly-coloured clothing. Wearing bright clothing makes you more visible to other road users and the better you can be seen, the safer it will be for you to ride the bike on public roads. It is also important that you can be seen from behind so you should also consider wearing reflective patches on the back of your clothing for extra visibility and safety.

Wear a Helmet

The last tip is arguably the most important one. They may not look cool but the easiest way to avoid injury is to wear a helmet. There are many helmets available that are specifically designed for e-bikes. This is because they need to be strong enough to withstand heavy impacts which could occur when travelling at speed.

By following these safety tips, you are more likely to be able to enjoy your new electric bicycle without putting yourself at unnecessary risk. For more information, speak to the staff at your local bicycle shop about e-bikes