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How To Buy An Off-Road Bike

Off-road bikes are an ideal option for people that enjoy off-road trips and racing. First-time bike buyers often have a hard time when choosing and buying an off-road bike. Below is a guide detailing the considerations to make when selecting and purchasing an off-road bike. 


How much power do you need? Moderate horsepower is ideal for beginners that do not have a lot of experience in riding off-road bikes. The benefit of moderate power is that it prevents the rider from suffering accidents should they over-accelerate. Experienced bike riders would opt for a powerful motorcycle with a tuned engine. It gives them the edge over their competitors. Besides, such bikes can handle steep inclines with rough terrain. 

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio is a vital consideration when buying an off-road bike. A wide gear ratio is ideal for beginners. It prevents them from shifting the gear (or engaging the clutch) when negotiating challenging terrain. Simply put, you can put the bike in second gear when negotiating rough terrain without having to shift into third when you increase the RPM. It allows you to enjoy rough-terrain riding. On the other hand, a short gear ratio is ideal for experienced riders. It enables them to ride the bike at high speeds and RPMs. 


What accessories do you need on your bike? Here are some things to think about when it comes to off-road bike accessories. If you intend to use the bike as a road bike, it should have a headlight, horn, windshield, and indicators. The bike should have performance braking. Remember, you will cover steep slopes. The bike should have heavy-duty suspension to cushion you as you ride through rocks and loose soils. If possible, go for bikes with a wide exhaust and intake. It allows you to maximise the bike's power. 


Most buyers are often conflicted when choosing one manufacturer over the other. It would be wise to conduct thorough background research to determine the dependability of the various bike models. For instance, assess the bike's servicing protocol and any problems it might develop. You should also consider the bike's features. For example, what is its ride height? A high motorcycle is ideal for tall people or those that intend to wade through water. It protects the engine components from water damage. Examine the bike's ability to handle abuse in rough terrain. Avoid models whose parts begin to loosen after a few hours of riding. 

When buying an off-road bike, evaluate its power, gear ratios, accessories, and the manufacturer. 

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